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I submitted my claim for short term disability due to shoulder surgery. I filled out every piece of information, but every week for 5 weeks they keep asking for more paperwork to be filled out and submitted. Thy spend up to 10 business days reviewing the claim then ask for more and more........ It doesn't seem to end with them. It has been 6 weeks now since I submitted the claim and it is in review again for the fourth time. At this point I wish... Read more

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My wife was in an accident on 7/5/16. The driver who caused the accident was issued a careless driving ticket, cited of being solely responsible for the accident, and two witnesses confirmed what happened. I flied a claim against his insurance company- Allstate- and I and getting nothing but the run around for almost a month. I have gotten the following email message twice since I emailed the claims adjustor "I will be out of the office starting... Read more

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Tim Warfel a Steven Nix agency in Lakewood, CO contacted me when I went on line looking for auto insurance. I was upfront with him on the two accidents that I had. I got him all the information he needed and he gave me a quote that was really good. I told him I wanted to accept it and gave him all the information that he needed to finalize it. I told him that I was going to cancel my policy and he didn't say anything like wait until I get the... Read more

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Allstate biggest ripoff insurance ever

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Allstate has lobbied state governments and now they are in charge of the citizens. Scary stuff since it is a law that the citizens have to have auto insurance. Now these insurance companies are in charge of whether a citizen can register their vehicle or even get a drivers License. The Insurance Commissioner in The State of Oklahoma, John Doak, fully supports the Insurance companies over the citizens of his state. Strange position for a man that... Read more

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When I cancelled my car insurance i didn't cancell my renter's insurance because i paid in full. I received a call from allstate saying my renter's insurance will be coming up for renewal. I let the lady knowi would not be renewing my renter's insurance. So i am on vacation right now and part of my money for this vacation was taken by allstate without my permission. Now i have to pay late fees, so i called allstate and let them know this, the... Read more

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Now get this, i had their insurance and i dropped them because they were charging me $167 for liability. I had renter's insurance with them as well, because i paid the renter's insurance in full for the yr, i let it run on and didn't change like i did with the car. I get call from allstate telling me that my renter's insurance policy was goi g to be ending in July and i need to renew. I told the lady i have already got it through liberty and... Read more

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I have had Allstate for my home owners insurance for a bit over 20 yrs and 10 yrs prior for auto insurance. I had a leaky roof that came in the dining room. I called them and wanted to file a claim. They denied it without even coming to look at the problem. I then had to get a loan to get it fixed. After it was fixed. I was told that it would have been covered. There was no claim filed. I said there should have been and he denied it. I said... Read more

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I was getting ready for an appointment and there was a knock on the door. There was a gentleman with clipboard and camera. He proceeded to tell me who he was and that he was going to take pictures of my house. When I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, he told me I should have gotten a letter, and even if I wasn't home he could access my property, (even though I have a 6 foot fence and gate surrounding the property). I was... Read more

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People need to beware of Allstate insurance practices. This company will provide Homeowners insurance which looks great on paper. If you have to file a claim for damage done to your home they will send someone to make an estimate. In actuality, they send some one out to prepare evidence for the court case you will have to be involved in to pay for the damage done to your home. The inspector came out and took pictures of anything that wasnt... Read more

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