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People need to beware of Allstate insurance practices. This company will provide Homeowners insurance which looks great on paper. If you have to file a claim for damage done to your home they will send someone to make an estimate. In actuality, they send some one out to prepare evidence for the court case you will have to be involved in to pay for the damage done to your home. The inspector came out and took pictures of anything that wasnt... Read more

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The personal service during quotes and paying was very professional. It was all down hill after that. Just got notice that in less than 1 month our home owners insurance will be cancelled for a slightly loose rail on the front steps and some tree branches have a little overhang of the house. Sure fine that may be a little risk, but not even going to give us a chance to correct the issue? That is just wrong. Sure take our $1000 we already... Read more

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Allstate Insurance - Review in Insurance category from Milton, Pennsylvania
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I had water damage in my basement from a water heater blew,we were not told about what all could be claimed like it was a big secret,many things were not claimed which should havebeen,then my son who is handicap,and we keep his backup wheel chair in the basement,"which was fully done as a living area, it is a electric motorized wheel chair, got sprayed down with water , does not work now, ,and you guys say you are not paying for it,,it is his... Read more

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Switch insurance companies due to Allstate's reputation. Poor decision on my part. Day one has been a nightmare and headache. Recently divorced called Allstate for a simple change in policy. Allstate cancelled my policy on May 25, 2016, created a new policy in which I paid the premium that day. However we are now on June 23 and Allstate shows no ACTIVE coverage for me. I have called 7 times speaking with ALLSTATE representatives... Read more

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I had home and auto policies with Allstate for 5 years. Last summer on 7/10/15 I get a confirmation email from agent for 6 months payment. I was out of town and when I returned I had a letter of cancelation notice +& $25 return check fee. I called my agent right away as I was now worried that my account had been compromised. I found they had debited the old account that was closed in Dec.,2013 from ID Theft, confirmed current payment account... Read more

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I've been with Allstate almost 30 years and this man is the worst rep. I've encountered. I called wondering why our car insurance rates went up. He gave the standard "company raised rates nothing I can do" reply. I told him my previous rep. would help us find discounts to balance rate hikes. He asked me to come to his office--which is nearby--to discuss my discount options. I told him coming to his office wasn't convenient for me. He replied... Read more

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I am 63. I have had maybe 3 claims in 45 years. Believe me all these insurance companies clam up when its time to actually pay a claim. The worst for em was Allstate. Sent them homeowners checks fro 20 years. Then a pipe burst in our wall. Next year the cancelled us. Next worst Amica. Get hit by one of their insured. Trying to get them to pay out was like pulling teeth. I am 63. I have had maybe 3 claims in 45 years. Believe me all these... Read more

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Strong winds blow away part of my roof, I file a claim with Allstate and after several weeks they came with a "wise" answer. We ae unable to provide payment on this claim because: the roof damage is due to weathering over time. after that ridiculous response no a single word; obviously my roof got damage by the wind and Allstate say was because weathering overtime. Stay away from this insurance company "You are in bad hands", I may say in the... Read more

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I have been with Allstate for over 20 years with Life, Auto and Homeowners. Allstate loves you and will take your premiums until you file a claim. Then they treat you like the bad guy, that it was your fault hail damage your home. Their customer support center is like talking to the IRS. You have no argument, you have not chance. Their agents take your money until you have a problem and then it's not their job. You need to call customer support.... Read more

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My daughter was 270 miles from home and was rammed into at about 45 MPH while she was stopped waiting on traffic ahead. The driver that hit her was insured by Allstate. My daughter was knocked into a car in front of her and then into an embankment. The car was totaled and undrivable. At first Allstate said we would have to pay a young driver charge to get a rental car. We successfully argued that. We allowed them to take the car away from the... Read more

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