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As of today i havent heard from anyone from Allstate. Whomever is on the other side of this email address please im begging you please have one of the top persons with Allstate call me asap at 225.936.4994! I worked for an agency for a year! That entire year o witnessed alot especially unethical practices! I questioned the practices and it was brought to upper management! At the end of March i walk off the job but stuck with the company and... Read more

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I was with Allstate for less than a year. I setup my bill as easy pay which basically means I wanted paperless bills and every month they pull out $116. Come to find out a few months later they had cancelled my insurance for three months without notifying me. Their excuse was that it was a system error, and so for three months I did not have insurance. On the 7 month I get a bill saying I owed them for all the months I had missed and threatened... Read more

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Do not buy policy with allstate insurance, they charge you full premiun for a poor service and when you really need then they don not want to cover the damages. There is a n agent in Phoenix Arizona who is a *** person his name is Rick J. Schdidt ,I had a damaged roof caused by the wind and he sent a company to take a look of the damage and then he was saying that the quote from the company was too much and that I have to deal with the roofing... Read more

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I was given a quote by Allstate for myself, my husband and my daughter. It was verified in writing my daughter was included on the policy. I paid in full for 6 months then received a letter stating if I wanted to "add" my daughter to the policy I would have to pay an additional $300.00. I received this letter months after I paid for the policy. My daughter was driving around without coverage. They are refusing to honor the contract. Has... Read more

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I work for a car dealer. We sold a car to a customer who has AllState Insurance policy. so we called Allstate to add the new car to her policy. Everything was fine till we asked to get the insurance ID card on via email. Customer rep says they can only fax and they do not email to a 3rd person. It is 2016 everybody got smartphones and technology but this company do not have a system that you can get your ID card in the email. All other insurance... Read more

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Too busy to handle customers. I am on automatic notice on line was not notified of pending bill due. Also suppose to have been set up for automatic payments when due. I was told my Drivers Safety had expired and to take the course on line which I did and then told it would not go into effect until the next renewal which is 6 months. U would expect to be notified of this. I am very disappointed in my agents response and customer service. What... Read more

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Allstate is one of the lousiest Insurance companies I've ever had I wished I would've researched on them before I signed up with them they lied about everything i've had them for at least five years before anything happened where I filed a claim and they refused to pay saying that it's not their responsibility Add comment

I co-signed for my daughter to get a car. While at the car lot my wife called to Allstate to have the car added onto our policy.I got on the phone to try to understand why they could not tell her what it was going to cost- the lady at Allstate explain that the new policy would have to be added first- I should have stopped then but I felt like I should probably trust in Allstate to treat their customers fairly,after two trips our agents office... Read more

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As a former employee, I was hired to jumpstart sales - challenged by Chris Reimels to do 40k in 6 mos while doing customer service . After writing 60k while Wife was on bed rest for our child ,I was thanked by saying I abandoned my job ( didn't call until afternoon of day one- and not paid over 4K commission. Thanks Allstate Kings Park Chris Reimels 49 Indian head rd 269 5200 ( 631) .btw baby is 30 days old and doing great. Great company your... Read more

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You are not in good hands, When a insured of theirs hit my new car about $3k in damage, they accepted liability for the claim and then 3 days later after they had mailed out a check for me and said there was no way to deny fault which I have recorded because of previous losses with this company (ALLSTATE) Then they tell me they have someone looking in to the claim and this person decides to not to go to work for a week and no one else can work... Read more

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