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  • 2 days ago
  • Auto Insurance
  • Carencro, Louisiana
  • 22

I was hit by one of allstate policy holders and they have not paid to get my car out of the shop, my car has been in there since 10-28-2015, where the accident happened in atlanta, georgia which i am not from, i am still stuck up here with no transportation and yes, i am writing this complaint on 11-26-2015, which it is thanksgiving, while these so called people are enjoying warm meals with... Read more

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  • Nov 21
  • Auto Insurance
  • Bellflower, California
  • Allstate Auto Insurance
  • 19

Ok - here I go again. Something just HAS to be done about insurance companies & the habit of "bait & switch" tactics have to end. Companies need to be held accountable & preferably fined for unethical practices. The company who currently insures my car has played several tricks on me. The latest however, is the worst. They arbitrarily changed my homeowner status from own to rent - the... Read more

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Read attached photo about Allstate. I reported to Consumer Affairs. Add comment

Got hit by one of their customers in my brand new car. Took forever to finally get them to fix it and still dealing with them over diminished value. Worst customer service, worst claims process. Working to get everyone i know to drop them. Add comment

I have been dealing with a removal of my teenage driver and a vehicle on our insurance plan for over two months and Alstate is still charging me for both items. No matter how many times I call to complain about the over payments they will not rectify the problem. I am looking elsewhere for an insurance company that doesn't over charge their customers. Add comment

  • Nov 15
  • Auto Insurance
  • Plant City, Florida
  • Allstate Auto Insurance
  • 31

ABSOLUTELY BEYOUND HORRIBLE!!! One of their insured customers did a hit in run on my parked car i had only for 9 days! Still have my temp tags!!! And with the police report and the insured allstate guy admitting he hit and ran, my claim has been on hold for two weeks because the guy wont answer his phone?!?!? My brand new car has a big hole in it and i probably now will have to pay my insurance... Read more

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  • Nov 13
  • Auto Insurance
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Allstate Auto Insurance
  • 18

I was with allstate for a little while and my driving recored is perfect. So . the agent said my premium would go Down in the first 6 month. But.. Before the six month came my premium want up 15 dollar without warning. I said nothing and I was being charged installment fees all tho, he said that would not happen. Then the six months were completed and my permium shot Up aging about 30 dollars... Read more

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  • Nov 08
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Allstate Insurance Work Experience
  • 42

Want to complain about how horrible they treat employees at the call center in San Antonio, Texas . I was employed there 4 days and was terminated because I kept asking questions about the phone system. I was terminated because it took me to long to grasp it. 4 dys???? I finally caught on to phone system that also has glitches. . The floor walkers get upset if u don't catch on right away and... Read more

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  • Nov 03
  • Auto Insurance
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Allstate Auto Insurance
  • 51

i had an accident which caused by your insured, i was rear ended by your insured. my vehicle had to be towed to repair shop. i informed allstate on the day of the accident, because of this i was forced to rent a vehicle. i had the rental for a total of 45 days at a cost of $1,161.84. it took allstate clams from 5/18/15 to 6/2/15 for first line written. repairs were started on 6/12/15 and... Read more

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  • Oct 26
  • Property Insurance
  • Thornton, Colorado
  • Allstate Homeowners Insurance
  • 53

Never been insured with any other insurance carrier, after a water leak in my home I am told it is not covered! The damage is inside of the walls and cannot be seen, until I reported it! I am a senior citizen and I have no help! What do you carry insurance for if you cant use it when it is needed. The mold could harm me! And I am at a loss of what to do! I am extremely unhappy and at my age I... Read more

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