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My car was damaged by a driver who was insured by Allstate Insurance. I called Allstate and put in a claim. They confirmed the accident with their insured and told me I could take my car back to my dealer for repair. I asked to take it to my dealer instead of their recommended reapir center. I only had 10,000 miles on the car and preferred my dealer to restore my vehicle to like new. The Allstate claims rep (Cheryl O'Bannon) provided me with a...
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This Lady struck my car while I was parked and my daughter was in and felt the hit.First she tried to denied it but when my car paint was smeared all over her front bumper she admitted it and gave us her insurance card. That's when the nightmare of dealing with All State started. It took them 10 days after they inspected my car to tell us they were going to denied the claim. We texted the lady that hit us with the news and to asked her if she...
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I didn't like
  • Acting in bad faith
I had insurance with Allstate more than 20 years & yes I did had accident in the past but never once I had a problem with the claim.I just had car vandalized & I did file the claim. Before I did decide to do with the car I did call & get information but it just wrong information & answer. They told us where to drop the car to repair which we did then we went to get car rental and it's cover on my policy. I did call claim department & ask that my...
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